All of our sites are done with Webflow. Webflow is a no-code tool that makes it easy to configure and maintain the design and functionality of the website.

The features that Webflow provides are as follows

  • Databse functionality for easy content management
  • Content Management System (CMS) which allows the client to update content on their own
  • Responsive design so that the site is optimized for any device.
  • Pixel by pixel flexibility in the design
  • Personalized animations and interactions to make the website interaction more interesting and visually impactful
  • Reuse of repeated elements for quicker capacity to make changes

Monthly Costs: $5 USD (Básico) o $25 USD (with CMS functionality)

Weglot is a service that allows you to makie your website multilingual. The translation functionality translates all the text on your website automatically, but allows you to refine those translations to ensure that your text is 100% understandable.

With this same service you can choose to seperately display images based on the language selected.

You can configure Weglot to detect the users language.

Se puede configurar para que detecte el idioma del browser del usuario para mostrar la página en el idioma del usuario.

At pixelsmith we can do personlized programming to show or hide certain elements on the page based on language as well.

Monthly Costs: $10 USD (up to 10,000 words) or $20 USD (for up to 50,000 words)

We integrate all contact and signup forms with Mailchimp or Hubspot to facilitate communication with your end users.

This integration is important to ensure that communication with your end users is consensual and will not be perceived as spam. Once your site has been reported enough times as spam your domain will end up on blacklists.

Monthly Costs: Free

We integrate with Ecwid or Shopify for online stores.

If you have 10 products or less we use Shopify.

With these integrations you can manage your own products and orders and you can choose the payment gateways and shipping options that you want.

Monthly Costs (Ecwid): $15 USD (up to 100 products without filtering capabilities) or $35 USD (upt to 2,500 products with filtering capabilities)
(Shopify): $10 USD (up to 10 products)

Tidio is an integration that we can configure so that you can communicate with clients or potential clients via chat. The service includes basic chat bots that help you to answer questions for the client without having to have a live response.

Cost: Free for the basic service